Animal SensAbility Workshops

Earth MedicineLearn the integrative art of animal communication, energy healing and natural “earth medicines” for the body, mind, and spiritual wellness of your beloved creatures. If you are a pet parent, animal caregiver, or simply a lover of animals and nature, these enlightening workshop events will unlock a whole new understanding of natural connection and caring for the critters in your life. For an enriching and memorable learning experience, all Animal SensAbility classes are held in very special locations you are sure to enjoy! Click HERE for upcoming workshops, dates and registration info. Below are descriptions of the Animal SensAbility classes offered:


“Communication Foundations & Energetic Connection”

  • Learn the foundations of animal communication. Peek into the mind of a critter.
  • Discover the energetic body of animals, why it is important, and how to safely and respectfully connect with it.
  • Learn how to lay a good foundation of health and wellness for animals, naturally, holistically.


“Communication for Life Seasons, & Earth Medicine”

  • Learn the keys of communication for each stage of life, from birth to crossing over Rainbow Bridge time.
  • Explore “Earth Medicine” methods for natural whole health & healing.
  • Learn the true FOOD approach to wellness vs. the toxic garden path we’ve been lead down.


“Earth Medicine for Animals & Spiritual Connection”

  • Learn the art, ethics and spirituality of animal communication. How and when to open the channels.
  • Discover ageless “Earth Medicine” methods for natural whole health & wellness, and why animals are so drawn to energy healing.
  • From totems to crossed-over souls; learn how the “spirit” of animals can comfort and guide us through our human life journey.


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